This article reminds of a video I saw where a doctor was being interviewed and that he believed things were going to have to get worse before they got better. That vaccinations were in a sense a victim of their own success and people have grown up with-out seeing these disease so they not only believe there don’t need to get vaccinated but that it’s worse for them to get vaccinated than not get vaccinated. Sadly articles like this are the result of this mentality.

Healthcare and Health IT in 2015. What the world needs now is…….. simplicity   I just couldn’t agree more with this article. Years ago I heard a talk with an individual where if you couldn’t describe something simply then you didn’t understand it well enough. So many solutions in eHealth/mHealth/Interoperability/etc are anything but simple right […]

Digital Health In 2014: The Imperative Of Connectivity I know that it’s 2015, but as pointed out in other posts this article is still relevant.

Pluralsight recently released a blog post about the top tech trends about 2015 that’s worth a read. Top 10 tech trends of 2015 An infographic by the team at Pluralsight null      

What Loading the VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) in a HL7 2.5.1 message sounds straight-forward enough. Most of the time it is, the challenge comes in when you want to maintain both backwards and forwards compatibility and be able to send a Multiple Vaccines VIS. Once you start doing this you find you have to start […]

WHAT A unique constraint that allows for nulls is exactly as it sounds. Essentially we allow any number of rows to have a value of null for a column unless a column has a value, then we want to enforce uniqueness. This is different than a regular constraint in that normally you would only be […]

Scott Guthrie’s blog ScottGu had a blog post about about a new free ebook from Microsoft about building Cloud Apps in Azure.  Click here to read the post. Azure is essentially Microsoft’s take on all things cloud. Another good source to follow if you are interested in cloud development is Azure Friday.  It’s a once a […]

WHAT When trying to execute a stored procedure in MS SQL Server  with a user-defined type as a parameter you receive an error that reads something like: “THE EXECUTE PERMISSION WAS DENIED ON THE…” WHY The reason you need to supply permission for your defined type is because technically you are trying to access say a “table” […]