What to expect with ASP.NET 5

Lots of changes are coming soon if you are a Microsoft Web Developer. Recently Microsoft has been adopting the agile philosophy and releasing rapid frequent updates with a small number of changes. This however is a little bit like the older days where there are some rather large changes coming. Some highlights include:


  1. Cloud Optimized – Microsoft is making a huge push for their cloud platform Azure.  Architecting for the cloud and being able to build native cloud applications is one of the hotest fields as it requires a new way of designing/thinking.  Nearly everything runs as a service and you wants your websites to be able to run in a stateless state.
  2. MVC, Web API & Web Forms are now one – Finally.  This will make your projects/config files etc much simpler
  3. Host agnostic & the ability to deploy the framework with the release – This is a potential game changer.  Gone will be the days of needing to wait for who ever does your hosting to upgrade all their machines to be able to use a more recent version of the .NET framework.  Unfortunately when you are talking states/cities/etc doing your hosting you’re probably going to be a little bit behind the times.  With the vNEXT philosophy you’ll be able to deploy both the version of the framework you want and the parts you want.  This would also help with preventing your ASP.NET site from turning into such a memory hog.

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