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Why Health Care Tech Is Still So Bad

Just a reminder of why we need to do our job properly.  This article reminds me a bit of the Google Glass talk where one of the things doctor’s discussed liking was they didn’t have to turn away from their patient and lose that personal contact.  Obviously using a tablet helps, but a good intuitive UI is just as important as the functionality being provided from a productivity point of view.

Microsoft Releases Free ebook for building Cloud Apps in Azure

Scott Guthrie’s blog ScottGu had a blog post about about a new free ebook from Microsoft about building Cloud Apps in Azure.  Click here to read the post. Azure is essentially Microsoft’s take on all things cloud. Another good source to follow if you are interested in cloud development is Azure Friday.  It’s a once a […]


WHAT When trying to execute a stored procedure in MS SQL Server  with a user-defined type as a parameter you receive an error that reads something like: “THE EXECUTE PERMISSION WAS DENIED ON THE…” WHY The reason you need to supply permission for your defined type is because technically you are trying to access say a “table” […]